ISAPA 2013
19th International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity
19-23 July 2013, Yeditepe University - Istanbul
"Bridging The Gaps"
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ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013



Yeditepe University was established by İSTEK Foundation in 1996. Its founder is Bedrettin Dalan. The university aims to strengthen youth education in many areas of the pioneers of the elite, successful, professional, academic and administrative staff, and Ataturk's ideas in the light of its principles and reforms fully connected to the secular, modern, researchers and innovative, based on culture and technology dominant world cultures.
Yeditepe University
26 August Campus has been placed with its unique architecture in an area of 125 thousand square meters in Kayışdağı's slopes on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Seljuk architecture inspired by the August 26 settlement in the 5-8 storey buildings, each of these buildings surrounding the hotel has two different students. Into the building, height of 22 meters to reach the large doors are entered, lit courtyard with plenty of typical features of Seljuk architecture, modern buildings to be transferred today from the bears.
Symbol of the university, the Seljuk architecture-specific, representing men and women is a double-headed eagle.
The campus covers an area of 125 thousand square meters, comprising 223 thousand square meters of closed area, covering the following units:
  • 367 Classrooms, 27 Amphitheaters, 147 Laboratories, 24 Studios,
  • 4 Restaurants and 7 Cafeterias catering for 4500 persons,
  • A 1200 person Congress Hall, A 250 person Conference Hall, A 100 person Cinema Hall, A 100 person Theater Hall, 2 Multipurpose Halls,
  • 250 square meters of TV Training Studios and Units,
  • 150 square meters of Radio Training Studio Units,
  • 2 Closed Basketball Fields of 620 square meters and 550 square meters,
  • Open-air facilities for basketball, volleyball, tennis, a synthetic-grass football field,
  • Open-air and indoor semi-Olympic size swimming pools,
  • Fitness Center and squash hall, built over an area of 708 square meters
  • Dormitory for women housing 2200,
  • Dormitory for men housing 2200,
  • Bank, shopping center and beauty parlor, built over an area of 783 square meters,
  • Parks extending over an area of 79.000 square meters,
  • An open-air parking lot for 400 cars and a covered parking lot for 600 cars Yeditepe University

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