ISAPA 2013
19th International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity
19-23 July 2013, Yeditepe University - Istanbul
"Bridging The Gaps"
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ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013


Dear all,
We hope you have arrived your home safely. It was an honour for us to host the ISAPA 2013 in Yeditepe University, İstanbul. We are grateful for your valuable contribution to the success of ISAPA. We appreciate you for your accepting the invitation of organization committee and contributing to ISAPA 2013.
We would be very grateful if you take the time to answer the following questions regarding the symposium.
The questions can be graded 1-5 where 1 is very bad and 5 is very good.
Thank you in advance!
On behalf of organization committee
Dilara Özer

What do you generally think about




Symposium content

What do you think overall about the seminars you attended regarding



Web Site

What do you think of ISAPA 2013 regarding




Social Events and Food



Transportation and tours (If you had a service)


Accommodation for the Student Hotel at the Yeditepe University


Other comments:


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