ISAPA 2013
19th International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity
19-23 July 2013, Yeditepe University - Istanbul
"Bridging The Gaps"
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ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013


Deadline: June 15, 2013
Objective of the Short Film Contest
To increase social awareness on the physcial activities performed by disabled individuals through introductory films (i.e. the introduction of an education program or method), art films (films with an artistic perspective featuring various sports and physical activities performed by the disabled) or documentaries (success stories of disabled individuals in sports events, the importance of physical activities for the disabled in holding on to life), and to promote physical activities.
Scope and Content
  1. The films to be submitted to the contest must be on the "physical activities for disabled individuals".
  2. The contest includes three film categories: Introductory, Art and Documentary.
  3. The contest is international and has no age limit.

Conditions of the Contest
  1. Each applicant can compete with only 1 (one) film.
  2. Films shall be submitted in DVD format and in three copies.
  3. The contestants shall specify the film category in the application form.
  4. The running time of the films in art category shall not exceed 4 minutes and the running time of the films in introductory and documentary categories shall not exceed 8 minutes including the credits and titles.
  5. For hard-of-hearing individuals; foreign films shall be dubbed in English and local films shall be dubbed in Turkish.
  6. Films that were not previously submitted to any contests and that have not been previously broadcast are eligible to enter the contest.
  7. To hold the contest in each category; minimum 10 films must compete under that specific category. Categories including less than 10 films shall not participate in the contest.
  8. Dates for submitting the films are March 1 – June 15, 2013. Applications submitted after June 15, 2013 shall not participate in the contest.
  9. The results of the contest shall be announced after May, 2-5 2013.
  10. The applicants shall be deemed to accept the terms and conditions of the contest.
  11. The address for submitting the films: ZED Event Management and Consultancy, Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi 2132.Sokak No.2 06510 Çankaya-Ankara/TURKEY

Documents to be Submitted
The application form is available here.
Documents to be submitted;
a) Application form completed and signed by the contestants
b) Synopsis (100 words maximum)
c) Resume, photo, contact information of the director
Legal responsibilities
  1. The contestant shall be liable for any conflicts arising from the copyrights of stolen or adapted works of art. In such a case, the relevant film shall be disqualified. If such a conflict arises after granting the award, the awards shall be returned.
  2. In case the director of a film has used "scenario" or "music" which bears copyrights, the liabilities arising from copyrights shall be borne by the owner/director of that specific work of art.
  3. The films shall not feature the use of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, shall not include scenes, behaviour or dialogues that promote the use of such substances.
  4. The contestants accept that their films may be used by the Association of Physical Activity for Individuals with Disability for scientific and pedagogic research.

Selection Committee
For each category, a selection committee consisting of 5 members of film-makers and academicians shall be formed.
To be announced later.


Tunca Arslan Burçak Evren Özay Fecht Sema Fener Assoc. Prof. Ayla Kanbur
Tunca Arslan Burçak Evren Özay Fecht Sema Fener Doç. Dr. Ayla Kanbur
Prof. Dr. Işık Özkan Büşra Pekin Perihan Savaş Murat Şeker Uygar Şirin
Prof. Dr. Işık Özkan Büşra Pekin Perihan Savaş Murat Şeker Uygar Şirin
Saim Yavuz        
Saim Yavuz        

For further details, please contact:
EBFAD   Yeditepe University   IFAPA