ISAPA 2013
19th International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity
19-23 July 2013, Yeditepe University - Istanbul
"Bridging The Gaps"
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ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013
ISAPA 2013

ISAPA 2013

Prof. Dr. Nurcan BAÇ Dear Participants,
It is my pleasure to host you at Yeditepe University for the 19th International Symposium of Adapted Physical Activity (ISAPA) on July 19-23, 2013.
The theme of the Congress is "Bridging the Gaps" with practice and knowledge, people with and without disabilities, academics in different disciplines, academics and staff working in practice all around the world. I believe this Congress will provide a high quality scientific environment for the presentation of new research and exchange of information on adapted physical activity.
I hope you will have a comfortable visit to Yeditepe University and İstanbul, a city with a cultural heritage of hundreds of years, acting as a geographic and socio-cultural link between West and the East.
I would like to welcome you to share the recent scientific developments in APA.
Please enjoy the many excellent sessions offered during ISAPA 2013 and take time to visit and explore Istanbul, a fascinating city built on two continents.
Prof. Dr. Nurcan BAÇ
Yeditepe University, Rector
Claire Boursier Dear ISAPA 2013 attendees,
On behalf of the board of the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) it's my pleasure to welcome you to the 19th International Symposium on APA. Four years ago Dilara Özer presented us an excellent bid to host this international symposium in Turkey. We supported at once this project, knowing that Turkey already had the strong willingness, the potential and the energy to make ISAPA 3013 a success.
The theme "Bridging the Gaps" reflects both the atmosphere and the objective of this major event: bridging gaps between researchers, practitioners, pedagogues, in a broad spectrum of fields; bridging gaps between research and practice (including researchers, practitioners, persons with a disability, their families and communities); bridging gaps between academic disciplines and approaches; bridging gaps between persons with and without a disability; bridging gaps between policies and practices; bridging gaps between countries and cultures.
ISAPA2013 is a unique opportunity to provide an outstanding setting for participants to share their projects, experiences, innovations and ideas about APA. The choice of the keynotes and invited speakers who come from all continents illustrates the diversity of approaches, topics and disciplines of APA. Theoretical approaches, practical sessions, workshops, film and photo contests, award ceremonies, social and cultural events will punctuate the programme.
The world is changing regarding the issue of diversity. Since the implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disability in 2006 and its ratification by many countries, policies and practices have evolved, leading to new inclusive society target plans and projects in all aspects of social life, including physical activity and sports. The first topic of the 5th International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS V - May 28-30 2013, Berlin) was focused on the access to physical activity, physical education and sport for ALL, with a particular concern on persons with a disability and women. IFAPA had the opportunity to be part of an international working group led by ICSSPE which aim was to prepare a working document and elaborate recommendations. The Ministers adopted the Declaration of Berlin which meets our goals and philosophy.
Guided by the recommendations of the UNESCO-led International MINEPS V, UNESCO hosted an Expert Consultation on Quality Physical Education (QPE) on 28 June 2013, at its Headquarters in Paris. IFAPA was invited to be part of this consultation which is a unique opportunity to bridge the current gap between physical education policy and practice worldwide. Its outcomes bear significant potential in contributing to the post-2015 development agenda, in terms of inclusive education and global citizenship. It was recognized that there is a crucial need for networking, sharing "good examples" in terms of policies, research issues, projects and APA programs.
ISAPA 2013 is an opportunity to meet these objectives, share ideas and good practices during all sessions as well as during coffee breaks and social events!
I believe that ISAPA 2013 will be a tremendous symposium regarding scientific issues as well as cultural aspects. We will have the chance to discover the beauty of Istanbul, its heritage and culture.
I express my warms thanks to Pr. Nurcan Baç, Rector of Yeditepe University to have accepted to host ISAPA 2013 in excellent conditions, to Dilara Özer chairperson of ISAPA 2013 committee and all members of the organizing committee, Shayke Hutzler and all members of the scientific committee to have planned an excellent scientific program and many cultural moments throughout the week. I also thank keynote speakers, invited speakers and colleagues from all regions of the world for the quality of the researches and experiences that they will share.
I wish you all an excellent symposium and stay at Yeditepe University and Istanbul!
Dr. Claire Boursier
President of IFAPA

Welcome To Turkey
Dilara Özer Dear Guests and Participants;
We are honored to host the 19th International Symposium of Adapted Physical activity (ISAPA), here in İstanbul. This day marks a first and the symposium opens its doors to the Middle East for the first time in history. Our enthusiasm is not only due to organizing such a large scale symposium but also the fact that it will have impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities.
This very land that hosted glorious civilizations has been a bridge between cultures due to its unique geographical and political location. It is a bridge between Western and Eastern Civilizations. The city uniquely extends to European and Asian sides of the Bosporus, making it the only metropolitan that is located on two continents. The symposium theme is titled "Bridging the Gaps". In this, we aimed bridging between theory and practice, people of all abilities, academics from different disciplines, academia and practice from all over the world".
ISAPA 2013 is planned as a Project that includes a well-built scientific symposium and numerous social activities. Main partners of this project are International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (, Turkish Society of Adapted Physical Activity (, and Yeditepe University ( We are also grateful for the support of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Ministry of National Education. This partnership and support mechanism allowed for including APA professionals from various disciplines. With the strength that rose from this collaboration, ISAPA 2013 has granted full scholarships to 5 international participants (Egypt, Brazil, Iran, Nigeria, South Africa). Another support program is The International Volunteer Program. It enables volunteers to meet and work with academics and pioneers of adapted physical activity during their volunteer services. We have 22 volunteers from various countries like Canada, Taiwan, England, South Korea, Ireland, Turkey and Unites States.
19th ISAPA is holding a photography and short movie contest, which aims drawing attention to the importance and significance of adapted physical activity and also to increase public awareness of sport accomplishments of people with all abilities. A respective and diverse group of specialists established a jury that has spent many hours to evaluate all the products. The task was not easy and all photographers and directors deserved recognition. We appreciate their enthusiasm and we are delightful for the productions they shared.
Within the context of the Symposium's theme and also as a vision in our lives, the organization has taken care to include people with disabilities in all events at ISAPA 2013. We followed the motto; "Nothing about us without us!"
It is a great opportunity to emphasize adapted physical activity as science, profession, service and right! With this in mind, visibility and dissemination was given great importance. All symposium related processes and programs are published on the web site, proceedings book is published, selected articles has been published in a peer reviewed journal (Hacettepe Journal of Sports Sciences). Event is announced at public transportation, TV, radio programs and social media. This allowed us to share the importance of adapted physical activity.
On the national level, many companies and organizations were contacted during the preparations and we were provided wholehearted support. Such contacts allowed strengthening a broad network of cooperation. We believe that it will extend beyond ISAPA.
I would like to thank ALL who supported this event; regardless of its magnitude. They all meant a lot and made this event a "Project of All". Even the seemingly tiniest contribution and your attendance helped ISAPA 2013 to succeed. We could not have accomplished without "YOU". Thank you!
Prof. Dr. Dilara Özer
President of EBFAD
Chairperson of ISAPA 2013
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